Are you using Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn frequently and are looking for ways to increase followers on these social media websites ? Do you want to rank high in search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, AOL,, Yandex, Baidu ? Well this is a "golden apple" everyone is looking about! Though I too cannot guarantee you my ways definitely will answer these questions, but I can share what I've learnt till now.

As you know Google has made it clear that social signals will be part of its search engine algorithm, the necessity of social media followers has more risen. Also getting more followers on Twitter, likes on Facebook, plus ones on Google will make you more popular blogger and credible content writer.

Today I'm going to share with you two websites by which you can increase your social media followers - &

Twiends is a website for growing your followers on your twitter account. You can promote your twitter account safely and ethically. The concept behind this website is not buying "followers" but actually growing some "seeds". Ya right! Seeds. That's what you get when you follow someone or you can buy some on this website.

Get more twitter followers with Twiends

When you first login into "Twiends" account either with username/password or twitter account, you need to mention about your "interests". They can be technology, software, sports, facebook, internetmarketing etc, can be anything. Then you are added to these directories based upon your "interests".

How to get Free Seeds in Twiends ?

Since "seeds" are like points, you need to gain or grow more seeds if you want more followers. So under People > New Tweeps, you are shown different twitter accounts. Each account can have seeds ranging from "2" to "7" ( I think 7 is the maximum). So when you follow each person, you get more "free" seeds. Then you ask someone to follow you by "bribing" them with "free" seeds (Ha, ha. Chuckling!) Or otherwise, you can also buy more seeds depending upon your financial status.

General Settings for Twiends

You can also set which country people to follow you and censorship details, using the "Settings" present on the top right hand corner.

AddMeFast is another website I recently came to know by using which you can get moreÂFacebook LikesGoogle +1Google Circles,Twitter FollowersYouTube ViewsYouTube Subscribe, YouTube Video Likes, Pinterest Followers andÂWebsite Hits very fast and free.

All you have to do is join this website with login (which is nothing but an email id) and password. The password need not be the same as that of email.

Get More Likes, Followers, +1s with AddmeFast

Here also the concept is the same like in Twiends. You can more "points" instead of "seeds" by doing more Facebook likes, adding profiles to Google circles, following more Twitter followers, viewing YouTube videos, subscribing to YouTube channels, doing YouTube likes, following on Pinterest, doing more Website hits etc.

As a bonus everyday you get 100 free bonus points for logging in to this website. Now you can use these "free" points and add website or page to like, follow, plus one etc. You need to give away some points for everyone who likes your page, follows your twitter account or adds you to their google circleÂetc.

I hope these two web tricks will definitely increase your social media followers Âand help you rank high in search engine results.

Disclaimer : I'm not sure how both of these websites(Twiends & AddMeFast) effect your SEO campaign. I heard that sometimes Google may penalize your websites for joining such kind of directories. So if increasing social media followers is more a important prerogative than SEO, then you should use these tools. Otherwise, just forget it.

Anyhow I'll talk about more in the next post on how to effectively use AddMeFast to increase your followers on social media network.