Magento Shipping Settings

Shipping Settings are used to specify the address of the place where you store your products and from where you will dispatch orders. Here you can also switch the Allow Shipping to Multiple Addresses option and enter maximum product quantity that you are going to ship to multiple addresses. Naturally, these settings relate to a single stock location (warehouse) since Magento allows to use one shipping origin only.

To configure Shipping Settings go to System -> Configuration. In Configuration panel, under Sales, select the Shipping Settings tab with two sections (Origin and Options) in it. Click Origin and Options to expand both sections.

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Choose Country and Region / State from the drop down boxes and enter Zip / Postal Code; City; Street Address; and Street Address Line 2 for your warehouse. Shipping Origin address (warehouse address) and Shipping Destination address (customer's shipping address) are used in calculating of the shipping rates for the external shipping gateways (eg UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL). Origin section fields are also used for Tax Calculation Based on Shipping Origin (In Configuration panel, under Sales, Tax -> Calculation Settings -> Tax Calculation Based On -> Sipping Origin).

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Allow Shipping to Multiple Addresses

Set Allow Shipping to Multiple Addresses to Yes if you want your customers to have the option to ship to multiple addresses. In this case the Checkout with Multiple Addresses link will appear in your customer's shopping cart.

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A customer clicks the link and then he can enter product quantity in the Qty field and select a shipping address from the Send To drop down (if your customer has already multiple shipping addresses saved in his address book). Also he can enter a new shipping address or delete any item in this page.

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Press the Continue to Shipping Information button to pass to the Select Shipping Method page. Now you can select a shipping method for each Shipping Address.

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Press the Continue to Shipping Information button to pass to the Billing Information page. Here you can change Billing Address and select a payment method.

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Press the Continue to Shipping Information button to pass to the Review order page and make changes or edit items if need be.

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Press the Place Order button to place the order with multiple shipping addresses.

Since in the admin area, there can only be one shipping address per order, an order with multiple shipping addresses is split into multiple orders (one order for each unique shipping address).

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Each order is fulfilled as a regular order.

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If you want your customer only enter one shipping address per order then set Allowed Shipping to Multiple Addresses to No.

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Maximum Qty Allowed for Shipping to Multiple Addresses

In the Maximum Qty Allowed for Shipping to Multiple Addresses field specify the maximum quantity that a customer can enter in the Qty field for each item when he wants the order to be shipped to multiple addresses.

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We entered the value 100. Now

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If the quantity is more than 100, then

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Update Qty & Addresses

Use the Update Qty & Addresses button to split the quantity and get a separate line for each unit.

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We entered the value 2 and here it is:

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Multi-Warehouse Shipping Settings

Multi-Warehouse allows to create as many shipping origins (warehouses) as you want. The only thing it doesn't support shipping to multiple addresses. So that, the Allow Shipping to Multiple Addresses option doesn't work.

Let's go to the Multi-Warehouse admin area:

Log in.

Username: demo

Password: demo123

To create new warehouses navigate to Catalog -> Manage Warehouses.

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On this page you can add new warehouses by pressing the Add New Warehouse button or edit an existing one by clicking the Edit link of the selected warehouse. Let's set up a new warehouse. Press the Add New Warehouse button.

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In the Warehouse Information panel on the left three tabs appear: General, Contact, and Origin.


Here you fill four fields: Code, Title, Description, and Priority. Code and Title are required fields to fill in the warehouse settings. Description and Priority are optional ones. Description entry appears at the checkout.

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Priority value matters when you are going to ship products from multiple warehouses according to their priority status (Multiple mode with Priority delivery method configuration). The lower the priority value is (0 is the lowest), the higher warehouse priority for delivery. For that you must set up System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Warehouses -> Options -> Mode -> Multiple -> Delivery Method -> Priority.


In the Contact tab fill Name and Email fields and check Notify box if you want to be notified about new orders for this warehouse.


This tab contains four fields: Country, Region / State, Zip / Postal Code, and City. All of them are required. This is your new shipping origin address. Repeat this procedure if you want to create more shipping origins.