Magento EcommerceTwo of the most often requested features and instructions about Magenot I see have an inherent conflict. ÂFirst, people come and ask me how to automate and upload products. This is not a problem, and I can show them how to do this and even get their images uploaded at the right time. Magento has made some great progress in their Dataflow import profiles since I started using version 1.3. ÂThe second question people come asking for is help with SEO. ÂThis is also not a problem. ÂI have created several documents and guides to applying SEO techniques to Magento stores over the years. The problem comes in how people are doing both of these things together.

What they are doing, or trying to do, is to create a webstore, and then upload products from a drop ship company. ÂTotally possible. ÂAnd they want this content they get from the drop shipper, to have a good SEO impact on their site. ÂAnd that is not possible. ÂHere is why.

The most important part of your store's SEO content is on the product page. If you download a file from yourÂdrop-shipper it is content that hundreds or thousands of other people have also downloaded. ÂAnd these guys turn around and upload this to their store. Now you have duplicate content. Not once. Not twice, but hundreds and thousands of copies of duplicate product descriptions and page titles.

When a search engines sees this, it loses all value.

A fun experiment that I have done is to take the product name from a drop shipping company and search for it. You generally find it on Amazon. And a few other big stores. But you don't find the small guys. If you are going head to head with the big boys for ranking on a product, it had better have some unique content. ÂEven then you need more than just that. ÂBut this is the conflict.

You can't download your content, and then upload it to your store without changes and expect to have anyone find it on Google. It just won't happen.

The people who are doing this have been sold a dream where they can plunk down a couple thousand dollars for a web store template. ÂA couple of hundred for aÂdecentÂhosting plan. ÂAnd then they can just turn a key or spend a hour or two a week updating their catalog and answering email and make buckets of money.

Its just not that easy.

Its also not that hard.

The thing that it is going to take is time. You will need to spend a full time job of time updating product names, descriptions and content. And doing research about your market and what they search for and want. This is the investment that you need to do. You can buy this time, or you can spend it yourself.

As a developer, I can setup the store, build the features you want and need to serve your market, and train you on how to keep your store running. ÂI can show you how to upload products and automate the process for you. And I can even explain SEO and train you how to update your catalog to make it better. But I can't make your store make money. Only you can do that.

You will need to spend the time on it to make it happen.