Creating URLs that contain keywords help your site to be indexed by search engines. ÂA Keyword in a URL, combined with other factors helps a page be seen as relevant to that keyword in the search engine index.

Magento give us a handy way to control the URL for categories, pages, and items. ÂSure, Magento will figure out a URL key to use if you don't supply one. ÂBut we should take a moment to think about what we are saying to the search engine about the page, category or item that we are creating.

Here's how it works:Where are the URL keys found in Categories, Items, and Pages.


When you create a category for items, the URL key is found on the page on the "General Information" tab.

General Information Tab, URL Key

Here is a good place to enter in a key word or two that defines the category. ÂUsing a dash toÂseparateÂkeywords is good. ÂDon't leave spaces.

Once the URL key is selected and the category is saved, you won't be able to edit it in the Admin Panel.


When creating an item manually, the URL key is found near the bottom of the "General" tab.

Unlike the catagory, you can change the item URL key by simple editing an existing item.

If you are importing your catalog, changing the URL in the import file will also update it for the item.

Its not a good idea to change the URL key often. ÂIf search engines index the page, the URL they put in their index will be broken after you change the key.


When creating a CMS page, the URL key is actually called the "SEF URL Identifier" and it is found on the "General Information" tab of the page.

Page URL Keys can be changed at any time by editing the CMS page settings. ÂAgain it is not a good idea to change these URLs frequently.

What are good keywords.

Keywords are words that are important to define the category or item. ÂNoise words like "the" and "and" are noise. ÂProper nouns, are only useful if those proper nouns are well recognized. ÂAnd words that are accurate and unique.

If you are trying to optimize a difficult item, category or page, you might need to do some keyword research. ÂGoogle is always a good source, and using their keyword tools are free and very effective.

What else can we do about SEO in Magento?

  • Many of these locations also have keywords and descriptions that can be used for SEO.
  • There is also a site keywords and Description in the system menu.
  • And there areÂpreferredÂtypes of navigation that make it easier for search enginees to spider and index the pages in your store.

We will talk about each of these in related posts soon.