If you are installing a Magento as a web store for yourself or for someone else, you will want to track how many visitors you have and how many of them convert into customers. Magento makes this really easy if you are using Google Analytic. Here is how it works.

First you will need to have a Google Analytics account. If you don't have one, you might want to check it out. Its free and you can sign up at http://www.google.com/analytics

As soon as you are ready with you Google Analytics account. And you have told it that you want to monitor your site. It will generate some code for you to place on every page that you want to monitor. But don't worry, Magento doesn't need you to do much to accomplish this. If you look at your accounts page, you will see something like this:

I have blurred out my domain and account, but what you will see in the red box, is the number that you will need to put into Magento.

So copy it to a text file or just leave the page up and go back to it when you need this number.

Now, go to your Admin page on your Magento installation. You will need to go to System>configuration as shown below.

Once in configuration, you should find a set of navigation links on the left hand of the page. In the "Sales" section you will find a "GoogleAPI" selection.

This will take you to the section with a Google Analytics control.

Expand the Google Analytics control and set Enabled to Yes.

Now here is where you type or past in your account number from the Google Analytics report page we saw at the top of this article.

Once you have typed it in, click on the "Save Config" button.

When you see this message, you are ready to go.

You might have to wait a few hours before the green check mark appears on the Google Analytics site.