Google has recently introduced a new feature in the "Images" tab of its home page. This is called "Search by Image". You can upload your photo to "Google Image Search" and see if there are any identical results matching your picture. The steps involved in using this feature are as follows.

1. Â ÂGo to

2. Â ÂClick on the "Images" tab on the top.


3. Â You'll see a "camera icon" in the search box. Click on it.

4. ÂÂYou can search Google with an image instead of text here.


5. Â Â Either enter the image URL or upload photo to see the search results for your image.

6. Â Â You'll be displayed "visually similar images" for your search.

See Visually Similar Images for your uploaded photo

This looks little funny as you'll be expecting "similar" kind of images resembling the image search you made, but on the contrary, you'll be displayed "visually similar images".

The above search results are for the image I loaded of myself. As it looks like, Google does a pixel-wise comparison of the image or URL you uploaded and will display the search results correspondingly.

One thing I noticed is, if you've lot of color in your image, the results will be similar to that color. Let me know if you observed anything else of "Google Image Search" in the comments below.