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In addition to just having the option to leave a review on a product page, requiring users to come back to the site to provide feedback on the product they’ve ordered, you should also be factoring UGC into your email strategy and you should be measuring and reporting on it on a weekly / monthly basis.

There are a huge amount of optionsÂthat need to be considered in this area, such as the platform, the process behind the delivery of prompts, the timescales around prompts, the questions being asked, the way that the content is positioned, the type of content being obtained and much, much more. This piece will cover all of these areas and will also outline best practice for getting the most out of your UGC strategy.

Choosing the right vendor is a fundamental element of the process, as the different platforms offer different functionality. I’ve worked with the following and would recommend them, dependant on what you’re looking for.

BazaarVoice isn’t cheap (monthly subscription), but it is an incredibly powerful platform thatÂprovides a lot of flexibility and options around obtaining and publishing review content. BazaarVoice is a managed platform, so they manage the moderation of reviews and also provide support. They also control and publish the reviews via their own servers, although this can make the SEO side of things very tricky – I wrote about this here.