Geo Discount Pricing Extension

This extension's allows you to set unit prices according to the user's geographic location including countries, regions and states. From this, you can offer a static or percentage based discount.


Above we can see where we either enable or disable zone pricing. Simply select yes to enable and no to disable zone pricing.

Prices per Zone

Specific zone pricing allows your company to set appropriate prices for every customer, no matter where they may be.

To add zone prices:

Navigate: Admin -> catalog -> Manage Products -> Edit Product -> Zone Prices



Now, set the prices, adding the necessary information:

  • Country
  • Region / State
  • Zip / Postal Code
  • Amount – Enter discount value;
  • Apply – Select percentage discount or fixed amount to deduct from the price

At a later time, you may need to edit or delete these prices. Go to the Actions column.

Below are screenshots showing the customers location and the specified price for that location.