software_pzlI have been studying some on the SEF format. SEF stands for Standards Exchange Format. This is a file that defines the EDI standard so that you can use a validation or standard and usage document editor to create nice, and clean specifications for you and your trading partners.

I have used Foresights EDISIM, but I wonder what others use. I have found a few links to SEF software, and will list them below.

Software I have found or used:

  • Foresight EDISIMÂ (Used several version of their software and liked them all.)
  • EDIdev has an SEF Manager (haven't used it but the screen shots look like files have have received from trading partners in the past. Also, looks a bit dated, but it may just be me.)
  • Stylus Studio (claims to handle SEF and EDI, but is very XML focused on their sight. Trying out their demo now, and will update this page when I am done.)
What do you use/like?

This is not a comprehensive list. I know there are people out there that use something else. Maybe even better. If you do, please post it in the comments. Particularly, I am interested in any online, SEF or EDI standards tools. I haven't found any, and have been thinking about writing one. So if you know of an online EDI Standard or SEF tool, please let me know.