Yes, Magento supports the Windows Operating System

From a users perspective, you may be using any browser on the Windows Operating System and access a Magento website. Magento runs completely on the machine serving the website and therefore is un-affected by the operating system of the user.

However, Magento provides the capability for store owners to install customized themes and skins from third party developers. Themes affect the users experience greatly as they are more likely to run on the users machine than on the machine serving the website. It is possible to have a theme on Magento that is completely incompatible with the Windows Operating System, although this possibility would only truly be realized if the theme designer specifically designed it for this.

Technically, can Magento run on a Windows Web Server?

Yes, of course, the Windows IIS web server is fully capable of running Magento. There are many server constants that are different between Linux and Windows, but Magento has been fully designed to acknowledge these differences and adjust accordingly.

Quick Guide to Installing Magento On Windows 2008 with IIS7

  1. Install Microsoft Server 2008 (I used the standard 64 bit edition)
  2. Install IIS7 with FastCGI support
  3. Install Zend server for Windows and also select to install PHPMyAdmin and MySQL in this package
  4. Download and install the UrlRewrite for IIS7 from Microsoft
  5. Config IIS for your domain name (I used the default web server)
  6. Confirm that your server is setup properly and that it meets the Magento server requirements
  7. Copy all the Magento installation file into that directory
  8. Create a database in PHPMyAdmin and insert the demo Magento data sql script
  9. Open the web.config file in your new web directory and insert the web.config code Exhibit A.
  10. Start the web installation of Magento and remember to choose the option to use “url rewrites"
Exhibit A: web.config code for Magento on IIS7