Yes, Magento supports Chinese

Magento supports the Chinese language by default. You may choose to display only the administrative area in Chinese, and have the frontend converted to Chinese separately. In order to convert the public facing frontend of your Magento store to Chinese, your theme must support localization. Unfortunately, it is not as common as it should be that theme developers have built their themes to support translation. To convert your Magento frontend to Chinese, you must find a theme that either supports localization so that you may manually translate it, or find a theme that already includes a Chinese translation.

Installing the Chinese Localization

Sometimes you may end up with a copy of Magento that does not support Chinese. This normally happens when you've installed a copy prior to the Chinese language becoming included by default. If this happens then you can do one of two things to install the Chinese language.

  1. Upgrade your Magento store to the latest version which includes Chinese by default
  2. Install the Chinese Language Pack
How to change your default Language

Some themes allow customers to change the localization on demand, some themes don't. The Magento admin theme is such a theme that allows each user to specify their own desired language. Here's how to change the admin language and set a default language for your frontend customers.