Yes, Magento supports Arabic

Magento supports the Arabic language by default. You may choose to display only the administrative area in Arabic, and have the frontend converted to Arabic separately. In order to convert the public facing frontend of your Magento store to Arabic, your theme must support localization. Unfortunately, it is not as common as it should be that theme developers have built their themes to support translation. To convert your Magento frontend to Arabic, you must find a theme that either supports localization so that you may manually translate it, or find a theme that already includes an Arabic translation.

Installing the Arabic Localization

Sometimes you may end up with a copy of Magento that does not support Arabic. This normally happens when you've installed a copy prior to the Arabic language becoming included by default. If this happens then you can do one of two things to install the Arabic language.

  1. Upgrade your Magento store to the latest version which includes Arabic by default
  2. Install the Arabic Localization Extension
Changing your store to Arabic

Here is a wonderful video tutorial that shows you how to toggle your Magento installation between English and Arabic.

Changing the Magento Admin translation

Step 1: Converting your Magento Administrative area to Arabic is easy, let's start by logging into your Magento administrative area. If you need help find your Magento admin url, go here.

Step 2: In the bottom left the default administrative theme you will see a drop down menu. This is the localization settings for your Magento administrative area. Simply open this dropdown and locate your desired language. See below:

localization settings

Changing the Magento Frontend translation

Step 1: Open your Magento administration and navigate to System > Configurations > General > Locale Options. My Magento may look a little prettier than yours as I've installed a custom theme.

locale options

Step 2: Once you've located the Locale Options within your Magento administration, you may click on the Locale drop menu and change the translation of your frontend.