Currency Specific Pricing

This extension allows companies to set specific currencies to specific products independent of any currency exchange rates. You have the freedom to set whatever price you would like, without any currency rate restrictions.

Disabling the Price per Currency capability:


Admin -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Price -> Enable Currency Pricing


When this functionality is enabled, the price will be directly related to the currency rate found in the Magento manage currency rates screen.

Adding more currencies to the store


Admin -> Configuration -> General -> Currency Setup -> Allowed Currency


Here, you can add an infinite amount of currencies. This becomes especially helpful when you have an international presence. You can create the currency rates that are the most appropriate for your situation.

Creating Price per Currency

Here we can set whatever currency price you want for each currency.


Admin -> Catalog -> Manage Products -> Edit Product -> Prices -> Price per Currency


After you have set a currency price for each currency, this is what a customer would see on the frontend:


To continue, currency price importing has not been built-in yet, however we do have a helpful script for you.

Follow the next sequence:

  1. Download and extract the script to Magento document root directory
  2. Run php command with your arguments:

    php shell/product-price-importer.php



    --ftp-user username

    --ftp-password password

    --ftp-filename remotefilename.csv

    --file-path /var/import/

    --file-filename localfilename.csv

Run the next command to get arguments description

php shell/product-price-importer.php --help

FTP arguments can be omitted in case if no data feed downloading is required. The data feed should have the next format:


"HTC Touch Diamond","756.00","565.00","473.00"