It is convenient to know what are the circumstances and situations when you want to apply this or that promotion. Setting these parameters is quite easy with Condition tab where you can indicate when exactly you want to start promotion activities. To make arrangements for promotion products in the cart you apply the Actions tab.

When speaking about promotion for Magento platform sites, Amasty specialists usually note two combinations of cart price rules which are the most popular ones: The Cheapest and the Most Expensive promotions.

What is The Cheapest promotion?

With this kind of action product with the lowest price in the cart gets a discount. For example, for two goods with prices $20 and $10 and 50% discount set in the Actions tab the sum of discount will be $5.

Now let’s go through it step by step:

    • First of all, we need to indicate in what circumstances the rule should be applied. For instance, you can set a limit for minimum cart subtotal or choose several conditions which must be true simultaneously.
Conditions for cheapest promotion in Magento
    • For Action tab we need specification of discount and of products for promotion. In example above the action worked only for products with lowest prices in the cart.
Magento promotion with lowest prices
    • Cart price rules can be also applied to groups of products. In this case admin is enabled to determine the way we treat products: as one item or as several products.
magento cart price rules applied to groups of products

What is the Most Expensive promotion?

This promotion is applied to the products with the highest price in the cart. Here we can have a condition based on the category: e.g. rule is used only when there are Digital Cameras products in the cart (category 26, at least 1 product).

magento promotion for products with highest price

Then in Actions tab we indicate the discount (this time – 10%) and choose category of Camera Accessories as target products for the rule. So, a customer with some Digital Cameras item will have 10% lower price for camera accessory with the highest price in his cart.

Magento most expensive rule for promotions

Let’s see how it works:

magento cart price rules

Sometimes when by rules customer can have every 2nd product for half of its price, administrators employ promotion type ‘Buy A have B with discount’. For such cases Amasty specialists recommend to make use of The Cheapest promotion or of the one when customer has Nth item with reduced price. For instance, if you buy 6 products of price range from $5 to $30, in the 1st case you will have discounts for three cheapest goods, and in the 2nd – for last 3 which you added to the cart.

In case if you, for example, want to give discount of 30% for every 3rd product, you choose one of the above mentioned actions. In Actions tab you indicate 30 as discount rate, and 3 as Discount Quantity Step.

30% discount for every 3rd product in Magento

Choosing products for discounts

To apply a solution only for products corresponding to some special conditions you have to use Actions tab, to be exact, the block in the bottom of it.

Magento promotions

It allows limiting products available for promotion – you can make limitation by various parameters, be it category, SKUs or some other. For products which do not have attributes for which you set limits, you can go to attribute settings (administrator’s panel – catalog – attributes – manage attributes) and put ‘yes’ for ‘Used for Promo Rules creation” option.

All these cart price rules in Magento are really easy to create. However, not all of them are available out of the box, some are added with extensions. But after all, if discounts and bargains contribute to customers loyalty and appreciation of your store, it's definitely worth it.