RSS Feed is a great way of collecting information about blogs, websites and web content. You can easily subscribe to a blog or website using email or any rss reader software ( like Google Reader, FeedDemon etc) and get informative articles and posts whenever the website is updated with new content.

The best part of the RSS feed is that you don't need to see all the ads and otherÂextravaganza. You can see fine and furnished content without any distraction. RSS readers and emails present the content in great way that you feel that you are reading through a book instead of a website or blog.

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Now if you want your blog or website readers to come back again and again, it's best to supplement them with information like in the form of an ebook. But creating new content for an ebook will drain your energy, so its better to give old whine in a new bottle.

So let's see how you can covert your blog or website RSS feeds into ebooks.

1. Â NewsToEbook Web Service

This web service is well noted for its popularity and simplicity.

Convert RSS feed to eBook using

Just enter the RSS or Atom feed or website address into the text box and hit the submit button. You'll be then asked to choose some option as below and your ebook will be ready for download.

There is also another option, by connecting to the Google Reader. You may be subscribed to different feeds using Google Reader and you can download all of them Âin the format of ebook. There is also choice to choose reading list, folders and individual feeds. There is also the option to download the ebook in either EPUB(opens-source) or Kindle (Mobi) format.

2. Â Using Calibre eBook Management Software

There are many good conversion tools in Calibre and also a Âhandy RSS reader to gather news from different sources. There are two steps by which Calibre handles RSS feeds. In the first step, Calibre downloads all the RSS feeds from the sources you point to. In the next step, you can create lot of "chapters" for your ebook which can be as simple as subscribing to a feed or as complex of merging different feeds into one file.

To convert your RSS feeds into ebook using Calibre, you must first schedule feeds for download. You can either subscribe to existing feeds in Calibre or add a new feed. Once this is complete, click the Fetch News button on the main toolbar.

This will complete the conversion process and will place two entries in the Calibre library. If you click on the downloaded file, that will open in the default ebook reader provided by Calibre.

Calibre Toolbar

Convert RSS feed to eBook in Calibre

Otherwise, you can initially set your preferences to the format you like (for eg. Kindle format i.e Mobi) for the ebook to be converted during the installation process of Calibre.

Though there are many ways by which you can convert RSS feeds to ebooks, the above two sources provided the simplistic and popularistic methods of conversion.