boosterBusiness people are aware of the impact social media can bring. Not only does it gain your business more publicity, but it makes an excellent way of communicating with your customers.

Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are amongst the most popular and widely used networking sites in the world. Social media is a powerful tool which allows a company to provide customer service to anyone across the world, as well as promote the latest products and services. Almost every company has a Twitter or Facebook account set up.

Twitter is a great tool to integrate into your business because it allows customers to tweet reviews and comments using “#Hashtags” or even tweet to you directly using your companies specific Twitter handle. This means you can quickly respond to comments which helps to build bonds between you and the customer. If a customer has a problem or a query, it is much more convenient for them to tweet to you rather than sending an email. Twitter is a much quicker way of finding out information, which customers love.

Facebook on the other hand allows the customers to read the latest news and promotions by connecting to your 'fan page' where they can also comment on photos, statuses and send in questions or comments. In addition, the analytics tool enables you to see how many people have viewed, liked and commented on your posts.

When businesses use social media correctly, they open up additional lines of communication with existing and future customers. This increases customer loyalty and helps keep customersÂcomingÂback.