This Affiliate program is designed for Magento Developers, Project Managers, Designers, Webmasters, and anyone working with Magento.

How Does It Work?

How it works
  1. Place our predesigned media on your website, blog, forum post, etc.
  2. Each link you place contains a special affiliate code so we can track the sales you make.
  3. When your account reaches $100 USD or more, we'll dispatch your cash.

Withdraw Your Earnings

Affiliate payments are made once per month if your cash earnings are higher than $100 USD. Here's how you can earn more:


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Reach 7,000 in sales over your lifetime

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Affiliate Program Benefits

Receive a discount on your own purchases.

Send your affiliate link to your customers and receive a commission.

Post a link back to us on the partner page of your website and create a consistent income.

How to earn money with us

Showcase our extensions by writing blog posts about "The Three Extensions You Must Have" and other great titles. Showcase our extensions in your blog with links that include your Affiliate ID. You can also recommend our products by placing banners on your website or by starting topics on Magento-related forums and answering questions on If you speak a different language, then this is your opportunity to market to those individuals. We welcome any sort of legal promotion and we are ready to provide you with everything you need to start earning money: banners, referral links or advice.

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