The MagePlugins Magento® Extension Support Team helps you solve extension installation and compatibility issues with your store quickly and efficiently.

Free Forum Support Is Always Open To The Public

Register an account with us, or use the account that was created during your purchase. The forum is always available for you to post your questions and receive support on your issues. We do not advise or encourage, nor will we ever ask for, the posting of access credentials, FTP credentials, Admin credentials or any form of private information on the forum. Please keep your questions and comments safe and respectful and we'll help you solve your problems quickly.

All extensions are provided AS-IS

We must remind you that all of our software is provided AS-IS. We reserve the right to provide support within our available timeframe. Although we will do our best to handle any issues that you come across.

Extension Installation Procedures

We do not advise you to install any extensions onto a production store or production database. You should always install extensions onto a staging branch of your website which is connected to a staging database. Before you install any extension onto production, follow these steps:

  1. Be sure to make a backup of your production database;
  2. Place your store into maintenance mode;
  3. Disable all caching mechanisms; With cache enabled you can cause database installation failures;
  4. Disable the Magento Code Compiler.
  5. Install the extension fileset and verify that all files exist before running any updates.
  6. Trigger the extension installation procedure.
Once installed you should verify that the extension has installed properly.

If the extension that you've installed is causing errors or compatibility issues on your store we will ask you to run through standard procedures in order to determine (a) that the extension was/has installed properly, and (b) that no other extensions are causing conflicts with the ext in question. Please note that it takes two extensions to cause a single conflict. Once you have identified which extensions are conflicting you have the opportunity to contact either extension developer for a resolution.

Please follow these procedures in order to determine that the extension has/was installed properly:

  1. Disable all third party extensions, except the extension you will be testing;
  2. Disable and clear your cache;
  3. Disable the Magento Compiler;
  4. Backup your error logs and clear the error log files;
  5. Test all aspects of the extension;
  6. Take screenshots of the errors, white screens or notifications. Make sure that you include the address bar of your browser when taking screenshots;
  7. Copy your error logs to a or something similar;
  8. Post your problem within the Support Forum with the supporting screenshots and error logs.
Either a member of our team or another developer who specializes in Magento will assist you with your error.

Please follow these procedures to determine where an extension compatibility error may exist:

  1. Follow the procedures above to verify that the extension was installed properly;
  2. Begin re-enabling the extensions on your store, one at a time;
  3. Test the failing feature each time you enable another extension;
  4. When you have enabled the extension which is involved in the conflict, disable it and test again; Take note of this conflicting extension;
  5. Continue re-enabling all of the extensions which you originally disabled;

You should be able to re-enable all of the extensions on your store expect the conflicting extension. Once all extension are re-enabled on your store you need to decide if you need the conflicting extension. Most conflicts can be fixed by extending the overriding class with the overridden class.

Mage Plugins does not provide extension conflict resolution with the purchase of any extension.Please begin by posting your screenshots and error logs within the forum. If you do not want to wait for the community to help you resolve your conflict issues you may hire Mage Plugins to log into your system and resolve the conflicts for you. In some cases conflict resolutions may require the development of addons. Before you decide to hire Mage Plugins to resolve your extension conflicts, you may want to contact the developer of the other extension to see if you can receive free development support from them.

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