Amazon AWS pricing is the best in the industry when you compare apples-to-apples. The breadth of hosting features is unchallenged in the industry and the depth of functionality within each feature is extensive enough for developers to learn new things. AWS provides the redundancy, security and stability that allows you to run a global business with millions of daily visitors.

We offer a number of services that are included in our base AWS Migration fee and a number of upgrades that are explained in more detail further down on this page.

What's Included:

  1. Migration From Any Hosting Service to AWS.
  2. Redundant Daily Database Backups.
  3. Redundant Full Server Image For Instance Recovery.
  4. Version Control and Project Management of your Code Base.
  5. Version Tagging Your Code Base for Proper Code Releases.
  6. Security Patching Your Magento Store.
  7. Security and Vulnerability Assessment.
  8. Hardened Website and Server by Obfuscating Default Settings.
  9. Hardened Server Process Access Control with SELinux.
  10. Hardened Web Server with ModSecurity Web Application Firewall.
  11. Optimized Web Server for Speed.
  12. Optimized Independent DB Server.


Your Magento Code Base

At the heart of your company is Magento, this opensource platform needs to run as stable and smooth as it possibly can. Amazon AWS has always been a stable and reliable hosting source for Magento. With AWS you we can deploy a highly secure and redundantly load balanced system to serve the largest websites on the internet.

Migration To AWS Is Included

We take the utmost care to clean up your code base before we begin the migration. We will assess the situation for security, streamline files and properly commit everything to a Version Control and Project Management Repository if you don't already have one. We are able to run test installations of your website onto AWS to ensure that we have not missed any necessary files and to ensure that all requirements are installed.

Single VPS (EC2) Server

The massive features of AWS surround Amazon's version of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). This server is referred to as an EC2. Mage Plugins has optimized an EC2 specifically for Magento's complex setup requirements. This EC2 is ready to deploy your store within 24 hours. Let's talk about the rich features included in this EC2.

Built From The Ground Up For Security. The process of securing a server is called Hardening because security is more about creating layers of authentication and access control systems to prevent unwanted intruders from penetrating your network. All of these layers create a harder network to penetrate.

Our server has security built into its subsystems (kernel) to prevent programs from achieving things that they should not. On top of that layer, we have placed a Web Application Firewall to deny certain requests that are made to the server. This WAF prevents users from tricking your server into doing things that it shouldn't.

Most intrusions are done using known security holes or guessing usernames and passwords. We have taken the time to change every server default, add additional password layers and implement nightly system updates. All of these detailed steps create a much more secure system.

Optimized for Speed. Magento can be incredibly slow, and we have written a number of articles teaching users how to optimize every layer of their technology stack. Everything that we've ever taught and everything that we've kept a secret has been built into this server. We have streamlined every server process and removed all unnecessary processes. We have removed every web server module that is not absolutely necessary and optimized those that were remaining.

Our server includes Alternative PHP Caching modules that Magento uses to speed itself up internally. The server also includes additional caching mechanisms in the file system and the database to make everything run as smooth as possible.

We will even "profile" your Code Base and the server to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Virtual Private Cloud with EC2

If you have a growing website and know that you're going to invest more into the stability and security of your network, then a VPC is for you. This Virtual Private Cloud will create a secure network that can easily expand to meet the requirements of your growing business. A VPC can handle multiple clones of your web server which increases your redundancies, preventing your website from failing under heavy traffic loads. A VPC adds additional security layers to your network, creating a labyrinth in the dark for intruders, while providing our team with night vision and preventing you from being compromised.

Private Sub Networks. A vital component of the VPC network is the ability to deploy Private Sub Networks which act as vaults for your servers. Instead of your server existing on the internet itself, the servers will be secured within their own private network. Access to these servers can only be obtained through specific tunnels that are monitored 24/7.

Load Balancing. A single server scaled vertically with huge amounts of resources creates a very large point of failure. When the server crashes under heavy loads, every one of your visitors will be locked out. A VPC creates a natural network for balancing your heavy traffic loads over a horizontally scaled system, with many servers handling requests. Such a balanced load will shift visitors away from failing servers and to healthier servers. Load balancing allows your servers to recover before they fail. If one server fails, the others will pick up the traffic, and your visitors will always be able to complete the purchase.


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