The Mage Plugins Magento® Support Team is here to help when your store is experiencing compatibility and stability issues and errors.

Store Owners Requiring Support and Maintenance will need our Magento® Support and Maintenance Services to get their stores running smoothly. Our Maintenance Services will provide you with support for:

  1. Complex extension integrations
  2. Custom theme integrations
  3. Magento® stability issues
  4. Extension compatibility issues
  5. White Pages
  6. Errors and Exceptions
  7. Slow Page Speeds

Note: we don’t charge you for project management or project planning/estimating - only for the actual work done. These maintenance packages are charged at $95 USD per hour for up to 8 hours and $85 USD per hour for 20 hours or more.


Mage Plugins Support Conditions

The following terminology applies to these Support Conditions:
The Customer refers to the person accepting Mage Plugin Support Conditions. The Company refers to Mage Plugins, Support refers to Support and Maintenance services by Mage Plugins that require Mage Plugins staff to work on the Customer’s website.

1. General

This is a legal Agreement between Mage Plugins. and the Customer that covers Support Services performed for the Customer by the Mage Plugins Support Team. By purchasing development support, the Customer is asserting with the below-stated Terms and Conditions of the present Agreement. The Support Team reserves the right to ignore any appeals or requests not falling under the present conditions. These Support Conditions include but are not limited to Free Forum Support, Upgrades, Bug fixes, Magento® Extension Installation and Compatibility Support, Magento® Support and Maintenance Packages, Ongoing Magento® Support, Magento® Emergency Support services by Mage Plugins.

2. Support Time Usage

The Customer may use the Support time to request Magento-related support that does not necessarily concern Mage Plugins extensions. The scope of services offered is defined by Mage Plugins. The Customer can buy Support time without buying an extension from Mage Plugins. In this case, the Customer is required to assign the purchased time to a specific project to get Support services from Mage Plugins.

3. Purchase of Support Time

All tasks that the Support Team agrees to perform are broken down into categories and complexity level. Each task category/complexity combination is assigned certain time required for performing the task. Support time is written off based on the actual time the Support Team spent on the task. In cases when extraordinary support effort is required, the Customer will be charged extra. If the Customer doesn’t purchase enough support in advance, additional support time can be purchased at at the time when the Customer needs it. Company will commence work, once the additional hours are purchased.

4. Processing Support Requests

All support requests are queued based on when they were submitted. If the Customer appends comments, requests or information to the ticket before it goes into processing, the ticket automatically goes to the end of the queue. The Customer shall provide the Support Team with all the necessary access information and a maximally detailed problem description. The Customer’s failure to provide access info shall result in the Customer’s inability to receive Support services. Mage Plugins Support Team shall provide services via the support tickets system. Regular working hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am - 5 pm (PST/PDT).

5. Warranty

The Customer has three hundred sixty-five days warranty that becomes effective from the date of purchase. Within this time, the Customer can request additional work if the changes performed by the Support Team didn't lead to the results that both parties agreed upon before the work commenced. The warranty is void if, within the warranty period, the Customer or a 3rd party developer make any changes to the project’s code.

6. Free Forum Support & Downloads of Upgraded Software

Forum inquiries that do not require the Support Team to work neither on the Customer’s website will be answered free of charge. Support Team shall provide to the Customer written advice through the forum to guide the Customer towards a possible solution of the problem. Free Forum Support is provided for Customer's who have purchased the software legally. Downloads of Extension upgrades will be available to the Customer for 365 days after a legal purchase.

7. Bug fixes

Bugs in the Mage Plugins Products are fixed and made available to the Customer free of charge. Bugs with 3rd party extensions will not be fixed. The Customer may report bugs to the Mage Plugins team to speed up the bug fixing process. The information about fixed bugs shall be available in the Changelog tab of each product. It is Customer’s responsibility to check for new Product updates that may include bug fixes.

8. Validity of Support Term

Mage Plugins reserves the right to refuse Support services or ask the Customer to purchase the Extension again or purchase additional Support time. The Support Team shall provide advice on how a problem might be fixed, but, if the solution requires the involvement of the Mage Plugins Support Team with the Customer’s host, the Customer will have to purchase the appropriate Support time.

9. Support Refunds

All Development Support time is non-refundable. The Customer is encouraged to discuss the number of development support hours required for completing their task with a Mage Plugins Support Team free of charge prior to making their purchase.

10. Disclaimer of Responsibility

Mage Plugin is not liable to the Customer or any third party for any damages including, but not limited to, loss of business information or business profits due to Mage Plugins Support services. By accepting these Support Conditions, the Customer acknowledges to order Support services at their own risk and has a clear understanding of responsibility for any damage to their own computer system or data.

11. Changes in Support Conditions

Mage Plugins reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time. It is solely Customer's responsibility to inquire about any changes made to the present Agreement.


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