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  1. Currency Geo Filter

    The Best Way To Manage Localized Store Pricing. Currency Geo Filter let's you assign a default currency to your stores. This extension will automatically determine your customers location and redir... Learn More

  2. Geo Discount Pricing

    Geo Discount Pricing let's you define discounts on your products pricing based upon the customers geolocation. You can define geolocation zones on a per product basis, making it easy to provide dis... Learn More

  3. Payment Method Pricing
    Special Price $89 Regular Price $99

    Our Payment Method Pricing Extension gives you the ability to customize your product pricing and promotions based upon the payment method that your customers choose during checkout. While in their ... Learn More

  4. M2 Regional Zones Manager

    Our Regional Manager extension allows you to create and manage geograhical regions with customized settings. It assigns... Learn More

  5. Regional Zones Manager

    Create Geolocation zones based upon country, region/state, and/or postal code and then manage nearly all aspects of your store based upon these zones. You'll have full control to sp... Learn More

  6. M2 Store View Pricing

    Store View Pricing is a useful tool for any Magento® store administrator to set product prices for each store view separately. This Magento® extension appends Store View Price scope in addition t... Learn More

  7. Rating:
    100% of 100
    Currency Specific Pricing
    Special Price $134 Regular Price $149

    The Best Way To Manage Currency Specific Pricing Currency Specific Pricing makes it possible to manage your product prices across multiple currencies independently of the currency rates. You'll now... Learn More

  8. Rating:
    40% of 100
    Product Based Currency

    The Best Way To Set Currency Defaults Per Product

    Product Base Currency Magento® extension allows you to set a base currency on a product level. Prices, special prices, t... Learn More

  9. Rating:
    80% of 100
    Advanced Pricing Management
    Special Price $179 Regular Price $199

    Our Advanced Pricing Management Extension allows you to control prices on a very granular level. Magento® Store Views wer... Learn More

  10. Rating:
    95% of 100
    Multiple Warehouse Inventory Management

    Make Magento® your complete Inventory Control System with Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management. Every function is built directly into Magento® according to Magento's® Standards of Coding, and no... Learn More

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