Stop right now and let us do all of the work for you. We'll migrate products from your old store, dropshipping sources or create new products with your direction. We'll configure the store for shipping, payments and optimize it for conversions, speed and SEO.

Setting up an ecommerce store has never been this easy, but we're dedicated to making it as streamlined and simple as possible. Here's what you can expect to receive:

  1. Fully Managed Hosting and Security
  2. Comprehensive Ecommerce Setup Ready To Sell Products Today
  3. Content Migration and Creation
  4. One-on-One Training
  5. Marketing Assistance & Training
  6. Fulfillment and Dropshipping Training


Comprehensive Ecommerce Website Customized For You

After you place your order we will deploy an ecommerce website for your brand. We will customize the color scheme and adjust the layout so that you have a fully functional and branded ecommerce store.

We are always working on creating a faster and higher converting platform, what we have today was developed over years of optimization and it's still growing. Our system is ready to launch and ready for your products. We'll have you ready to sell within 24 hours if you have the products. If you don't have the products then we can help you find them.

Once your website is ready to begin accepting orders, we encourage you to customize and expand your channel reach. 

Don't Have Products? No Worries, we'll help you find some

There are a number of dropshipping services and wholesale providers that we are familiar with. We'll show you where to find products and how to find products that are popular. Our team has experience working with dropshippers and getting them integrated with our shops. We have also assisted customers in becoming Amazon sellers.

One-on-One Store Operations Training 

Once your store is online and you're ready, we'll begin teaching you how to operate your store. If you'd like we'll teach you how to add new products, update content and more.

Fulfillment (shipping) Setup and Training 

Generating sales is only half the battle. Amazon is winning the ecommerce battle against millions of online merchants because Amazon has focused their efforts on shipping. We'll teach you how to fulfill your orders as quickly as possible and how to create product offers around fulfillment that will build trust with your customers.

Dropshipping Setup and Training

Interested in dropshipping? Whether it's domestic or foreign we'll teach you where to source your products and how to perform sales research on those products. 

Fully Managed Hosting

The days of managing your own network are over. We setup and manage the network so that you don't have to. Your website will always be available, it will be error free and fast for you and your customers. All you need to do is stay focused on creating your brand and we'll handle the technology.

Every twenty eight days after your initial store setup you will be charge $49 USD to keep your store online. You may cancel anytime before your card is charged or request a refund within twenty-five days of a recurring monthly fee and we will reverse the charge.

Completely Secure and Monitored In Real Time

Our hosted servers are STIG Compliant as defined by the Federal Defense Information Systems Agency. We monitor the servers in real-time to detect and prevent possible compromisation attempts. Our physical and virtual firewalls are working around the clock to keep you and your customers secure.

We also ensure that your website is PCI DSS 2.0 (Payment Card Industry) Compliant to protect your customer's credit cards. We conduct semi-annual TransArmor PCI Security Scans to ensure that our systems are fully secure and worry free.

Frequent and Modularized Backups

We take regular modularized backups of each system within our network. Our backups are decentralized and business continuity plans have been developed for each data modular. Our online systems have been distributed over multiple nodes to ensure a redundant infrastructure that self heals when systems are not optimal.

Your business is protected with state-of-the-art enterprise services.

Optional Enhancements

Custom Design

Looking to customize the store to your brand? We'll create the new wireframes, graphic designs, optimize the User Interface and User Experience then code everything to skin your store. This process typically takes thirty days to complete.

Omni-Channel Distribution

Connect your store to Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, and more. Your products will be synched by our team, your sales will be reported back to your ecommerce store and you'll be notified immediately. All fulfillment procedures are done the same way. You'll be building your distribution channels through your centralized ecommerce hub. This is the most effective way to broaden your reach online.

This omni-channel option will increase your monthly recurring fee to $399 per month.

PPC Advertising Management

Facebook is all the rage these days. That's probably how you found us and that's how you can find your customers. We'll create and manage your facebook advertising. We will start you with a small budget of $10 or $20 USD per day, then as your ads begin to sell more we'll increase their budgets. We will also configure your Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaigns and many other options that we know are converting well.

The PPC Advertising option includes our Omni-Channel Distribution service. 

This advertising option will increase your monthly recurring fee to $1149 per month which includes our omni-channel distribution fees.


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