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Create Geolocation zones based upon country, region/state, and/or postal code and then manage nearly all aspects of your store based upon these zones. You'll have full control to specify which currencies, pricing, promotions, shipping methods, payment methods, products and catalogs can be used in every country and/or state. This extension is truly the most comprehensive filtering extension available for Magento®.

  1. Filter Product Pricing by special price, compound pricing, tiered pricing and standard pricing.
  2. Filter Categories based on geo zone.
  3. Filter Promotional rules.
  4. Filter Shipping Methods.
  5. Filter Payment Methods.
  6. Associate Store Views based on geolocation.
  7. Filter currencies based on geo zone.


The Best Way To Manage Checkout Options by Geolocation

Create Geolocation zones based upon country, region/state, and/or postal code and then manage nearly all aspects of your store based upon these zones. You'll have full control to specify which currencies, shipping methods and payment methods can be used in every country and state.

Shipping, Payment, and Catalog Filters Will Help You:

1. Setup an Infinite number of geolocation regions (zones) to manage your stores checkout options.

2. Assign specific currencies and prices for different store views.

3. Assign specific products and categories to every state in the country.

4. Configure specific shipping methods to be used based upon your shipping needs.

5. Automatically assign customers to a zone based upon their geolocation.

Most filtering extensions will only allow you to begin filtering options once the customer has placed everything in their cart. Our geolocation abilities allow you to show customers categories, products and promotions before they place a single item in their cart.

Our geolocation abilities allow you to redirect customers to their designated store view. This way they will see products available in their country using their countries currency. This is the perfect extension for managing a global business of scale.

Our Customer Locator allows you to identify the customers location automatically using multiple techniques and then redirect the customer based upon your configurations.

Manage Geolocation Zones

Shipping, Payment, and Catalog Filter is the most comprehensive filtering extension available for Magento®. The heart of our functionality is built around our gelocation zoning system. With gelocation zones you can easily organize your Magento® websites by location first. This makes it easier to determine which filters need to be assigned to a zone.

1. Define your zones using a granular system of geolocation flexibility.

2. Configure a default currency and default store or store view for each zone.

3. Redirect customers to their assigned store view based upon their location.

Filter Currencies

You now have the ability to set a default currency to a specific gelocation zone and even specify alternative currencies that the customer may use during checkout. This works perfectly for payment gateways that provide limited currency options. By filtering currencies you also create a more enjoyable shopping experience for your customers, a definite way to increase your conversion rates.

  1. Set minimum order amounts.
  2. Assign Default currencies to Zones.
  3. Provide customers with limited currency alternatives.
  4. Show products in a customers native currency.

Redirect Gelocation To Store Views

Magento® Store Views provide owners with the ability to localize the content within a website to a specific spoken language. Our Customer Location abilities provide the missing link that will allow you to redirect your customers to a designated store view based upon their locale.

1. Automatically determine a customers location based upon their phone or browsers GPS/Location capabilities.

2. Automatically determine the customers location based upon our integrated IP database.

3. Provides the customer with the ability to accurately determine their own location.

Filter Payment Methods

The Shipping, Payment, and Catalog Filter Extension makes it possible to filter payment methods based upon a customers country of origin. This abilitiy will allow you to reduce fraud alerts within your store by directing a customer to an available payment method in their country.

  1. Set default payment methods for different geo zones.
  2. Choose which alternative payment methods are available for their country.
  3. Set minimum order amounts per geolocation zone

You have the option to set a default payment method for a given territory while offering alternative payment methods available in their geopolitical locale.

Use the payment method filtering in conjunction with the currency filtering for increased conversion rates.

Filter Shipping Methods

We make it possible to filter the available carriers and carrier methods based upon a users geolocation. The user will be assigned to their specific geolocation zone and you have the ability to specify exactly which shipping options are available to that geo zone. This is the perfect marriage of capabilities needed for the Magento® Store View locale capabilities. Now you can show country specific carriers in the customers native language.

1. Customers will be able to use the shipping and tax calculation tool provided in their cart.

2. Customers will be able to see specific carriers and carrier methods when checking out.

Filter Product Categories

You will have the ability to restrict product categories within the same website or store to a specific gelocation zone. This will allow you to make certain categories available to different states within your country, or even within a specific zip code or international postal code.

1. You will have the ability to restrict the available categories by any geo parameter that you need.

2. You can filter by primary category or any level of subcategory.

Product Filter

The Shipping, Payment, and Catalog Filter Extension makes it possible to assign specific products to your configured geolocation zones. Once the customer visits your store and is redirected based upon your configurations, they will only see the products that you want them to see. This makes it very handy to prevent certain products from shipping to certain countries based upon political or contract regulations.

1. Our simple interface makes it easy to locate products and assign them to a designated geolocation.

2. Assign products to zones within the zone management area or the product editing area.

Filter Product Pricing

With your configured zones at your disposal you have the ability to adjust your products pricing based upon geo zones. Standard Pricing, special pricing, and tiered pricing all work as expected based upon geo zone.

Promotion and Coupon Filters

Filter your promotion based upon geolocation zone or modify the promotion pricing based upon those same zones. You have the flexibility to filter your promotions based upon the zone condition or perform different promotion actions based upon the zones.

1. Filter promotions based upon zone condition

2. Customize promotional pricing based upon zones

Automatically Determine a Customers Location

With our built in customer location engine you'll have the flexibility to determine a customers geolocation based upon series of accuracy fallbacks. Configure the system to attempt an automatic gelocation determination using the most accurate GPS capabilities of the users device first. If the capability does not exist on the users machine it will fallback to less reliable options.

1. Redirect customers to your preferred store views based upon geolocation.

2. Automatically determine the customers geolocation.

3. Assign users to a geolocation based upon their default addresses.

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Created On Apr 25, 2013
Last Updated Oct 11, 2017
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Developer Innoexts
CE Compatibility 1.5, 1.5.1, 1.6, 1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3
EE Compatibility 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.13.1, 1.14, 1.14.1, 1.14.2, 1.14.3
Compatible Magento Versions Magento CE, 1.5.x – 1.9.3.x
Magento EE, 1.10.x – 1.14.3.x
Compatible Browsers IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Compatible Extensions Multi-Warehouse, No
Multi-Warehouse Plus, No
Customer Groups Manager, No
Advanced Pricing ,No
Currency Pricing ,No
Zone Pricing ,No
Store View Pricing ,No
Currency Geo Filter ,No
Advanced Dataflow ,No
Shipping Table Rates ,No
Features Pricing, Payments, Customers, Orders
Files Included PDF, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Media, SQL
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