1. iStock-ECommerce-LDProd

    Whenever a customer uses a credit card, the merchant has to pay a percentage of the transaction. This fee consists of interchange and assessments. Interchange is the fee charged by the issuing bank directly to the acquirer. The acquirer up-charges this fee in order to make a profit. Diner...

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  2. checkout-p3-review-w-shipping

    Below are the steps taken when a consumer purchases a good/service online. In this explanation, we are going to assume that the merchant has a shopping cart and that a payment gateway is installed.

    Step 1:

    The consumer chooses products to purchase on the merchant's ecommerce site....

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  3. aud100back

    Currency Specific Pricing

    This extension allows companies to set specific currencies to specific products independent of any currency exchange rates. You have the freedom to set whatever price you would like, without any currency rate restrictions.

    Disabling the Price per Currency cap...

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  4. featured3

    Geo Discount Pricing Extension

    This extension's allows you to set unit prices according to the user's geographic location including countries, regions and states. From this, you can offer a static or percentage based discount.


    Above we can see where we either enable or disable zone ...

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  5. proStar07

    Shipping Payment Filters Breakdown

    This extensions makes it easy for users to create geographic zones specific to your needs. Customers are assigned to zones depending on where they live. There are a myriad of ways to define each zone. You can set such things as the minimum order, unit...

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  6. Advanced Pricing

    You can manage your product prices extremely easily with this extension. Specifically, users are able to set prices independently of currency rates. You can change any product's price, regardless of rates. Additionally, the administrator can get prices differently for each sto...

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  7. There are some ways you can listen to Pandora outside US, but which require some tweaks to your proxy setup. Earlier I had been using HotSpotShieldÂto achieve the magic. But there were some disadvantages in using the above Proxy tool.

    It'd try to chang...

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  8. Timeline feature introduced in Facebook was welcomed by some of the users, while I personally felt little annoying. Earlier when we had the old facebook profile layout, we could see basic things like Work and Education, Philosophy, Sports, Activities and Interests, Arts and Entertainment in horiz...

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  9. There are many WordPress themes which are available on the internet and it becomes little difficult to choose which is the best. There are some free themes and some premium/paid themes. Though the default Wordpress theme (Wordpress.org) that comes with the installation is good to use, from a SEO ...

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  10. Many a times you open multiple number of tabs in browsers and look for ways to save all of them. Chrome is an efficient browser which reached version 19 and is in the development milestone. Just like in Firefox, Chrome has got efficient extensions. There are many Chrome extensions which can save ...

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