1. We will be going over the requirements for magento.

    Required Operating System

    • Linux x86, x86-64

    Supported Web Servers

    • Apache 1.3.x, 2.0.x, 2.2.x

    Supported Browsers

    • Interent Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Google Chrome

    PHP Version Required

    • PHP 5.2

    Other Extensions to run Magento

    • mcrypt...

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  2. In this guide we will go over the quick installation of Magento, If you choose to use one of the sites we have reviewed then these features will be available to you. This example was performed on Hostgator. And if you are looking for a different way to install magento then please see here

    • Quick ...

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  3. We will go over how to install magento from start to finish, We will show you the Quick way which is the usual way if you choose to try one of the hosting providers we have reviewed. For this example Hostgator was used, We will also Show you the slow way just incase. If you are in need of finding...

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  4. Magento is definitely an wonderful ecommerce computer system program software, extraordinary for making an on line keep. Plus, you’ll discover generally loads of fantastic extensions for Magento to help consider your to the web retailer towards the following degree. We learned ten using the bes...

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  5. magento-faviconIn case you would really like to alter the favicon in your own Magento web-site, then this publish is in your case! For all all those of you who could correctly not know, a favicon are likely to be the compact picture displayed upcoming to a site’s URL within just your web browser, your b...

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  6. magento-help-information

    Here we will be adding more and more information about Magento, simple things that will tweak and adjust so it runs more smoothly. Also information on the hosting industry that may effect you or your business. Of course form time to time as you may know Magento and things like plugins and add...

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  7. When taking inventory we need to recognize the transactions that adjust inventory numbers. Here are those transactions:

    When a Goods Shipment is processed as Complete;

    When a POS Order is marked as Booked;

    When a Warehouse Order is marked as Booked;

    When a Goods Receipt is marked as Complet...

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  8. There are some ways you can listen to Pandora outside US, but which require some tweaks to your proxy setup. Earlier I had been using HotSpotShieldÂto achieve the magic. But there were some disadvantages in using the above Proxy tool.

    It'd try to chang...

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  9. Timeline feature introduced in Facebook was welcomed by some of the users, while I personally felt little annoying. Earlier when we had the old facebook profile layout, we could see basic things like Work and Education, Philosophy, Sports, Activities and Interests, Arts and Entertainment in horiz...

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