1. To be quite honest, 80% of the work to pull off an integration is easy. It still has to be done right, but after you have done more that one supplier boarding there are many things that just make sense.

    But then there is that 20% that is not so easy. 20% that you end up spending way too much ti...

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  2. Delimiter 2000What are Delimiters

    In short, delimiters are characters that separate the elements of data so that one piece of data can be distinguished from another. EDI files don't have externally set delimiters. This means in a pure sense, that an EDI parser may not know what the delimiters will be until ...

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  3. Magento EcommerceAs you might imagine, I have had a few opportunities to integrate Magento and external systems. (My first exposure to Magento was an integration project. Yikes!)

    Here I am going to walk through the process of a recent project where I integrated the Magento Checkout process and exported orders to...

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  4. Beyond just compliance with the EDI standards, good form is using good practices in planing the format of your EDI. Below are a set of rules or guidelines that will help you create EDI in good form. Good form helps others to received your EDI and process it without encountering common exception...

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  5. In another post I talked about using Canonical Links on Magento to preserve the link juice in pages that are found both on their url key and on one or more category paths. ÂBut some people have wondered why they would need to do this. ÂWell here is that explanation from Google.

    Gotta love thos...

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  6. EDI Segments

    Why are segments Important?

    The segment is what makes an EDI file an EDI file. They are at the very heart of EDI. There are hundreds of different types of segments and each holds a different type of data.

    N1^BT^Bill Gates^01^123456789~

    For instance the 'N1' segments holds some common data th...

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