1. Not writing about scope creep today, but this project started out simple. ÂWe want some code that we can use to rotate a banner and link to it with a url that rotates with the banner in this manner. Â"Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will have a specific image and promotion, and all other days will h...

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  2. So I recently sat in a discussion with a small company that needed to integrate and automate a catalog import. After describing some of the integration tools that would work they asked, "What if you don't have any of that?"

    It made me laugh, because really many times we get caught up in the env...

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  3. In a word, "No."

    But as that would make for a really short article, and would not be very helpful, let me explain a bit more. ÂAnd it might give people the wrong idea that they don't need a blog, when it might be that they really do.

    Basically there are two parts to this question: Â Explaining ...

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